rhythmbox 0.11.1

       Module: rhythmbox
      Version: 0.11.1
  Uploaded by: James Livingston

  md5sum: 4557bcbe5b13e1161fee5d7ac82fe00b
    size: 4.6M

  md5sum: f2dcaca1b4896f1a455c94fe3bafa1bc
    size: 3.4M


Overview of changes in Rhythmbox 0.11.1 "<codename:insert/>"

* more new icons
* make gapless/xfade playback and visualisations work together better
* handle lastfm:// URIs
* make Magnatune/Jamendo loading intro saner on small screens
* fix last.fm streaming
* allow the user of Magnatune gift cards
* do iPod DB saving in the background, not blocking the UI
* vastly reduce the Jamendo plugin's memory usage
* add support for MTP audio players
* clean up the playback preferences UI
* update play count, rating and last played on iPods
* add support for multiple lyrics sites, and allow editing of lyrics

Plus the usual other bug fixes and minor improvements.

Contributors to the release:
- Christophe Fergeau
- Luca Ferretti
- Peter Grundström
- Jaap A. Haitsma
- Alex "weej" Jones
- James Livingston
- Jonathan Matthew
- Michael Monreal
- Bastien Nocera
- Tom Parker
- Riley Patterson
- Sirio Bolaños Puchet
- Tim Retout
- Adam Zimmerman

Updated translations

* es    Maria Majadas
* gl    Ignacio Casal Quinteiro
* nl    Reinout van Schouwen
* pl    Artur Flinta
* sv    Daniel Nylander
* vi    Phạm Thành Long
* zh_CN Funda Wang

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