pygtksourceview 1.90.1

       Module: pygtksourceview
      Version: 1.90.1
  Uploaded by: Gian Mario Tagliaretti
  md5sum: 3bb354f0b1492a0f9eaf08484c41837a
    size: 352K
  md5sum: dcace16cfe05f7436c1c6c7f9b04f6fb
    size: 256K


News in 1.90.1

    o plenty of fixes in defs file (muntyan, pbor)
    o require pygobject 2.8 instead of 2.10 (muntyan)
    o updated View and Buffer constructors (muntyan)
    o removed Source prefix (muntyan)
    o test-widget now works removing old gnome print stuff (muntyan)

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