gnome-build 0.1.7

       Module: gnome-build
      Version: 0.1.7
  Uploaded by: Naba Kumar
  md5sum: 2439ad14f8ae120f4dd166a86d5e9052
    size: 632K
  md5sum: b9171b5fe992ba1cccc97363923cb698
    size: 472K


Changes in 0.1.7

* Escape ' (apos) in xml output. Fixes loading some projects with this char.
* Report xml parse errors for malformed projects.
* Fixed runtime warnings.
* Fixes bug #397930: When adding a source file, copy the source file
  to target's group directory if it is outside project. .
* Fixed Bug #440830 â?? Spaces appended to group install directories.

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