eel 2.19.4

       Module: eel
      Version: 2.19.4
  Uploaded by: Martin Wehner
  md5sum: 7f6034e47a6e23da3c51fd8fdd58ea5e
    size: 816K
  md5sum: 3218ec0d7a80b3ca4df5a79172839450
    size: 636K


=== eel 2.19.4 ===
2006-06-18  Martin Wehner  <martin wehner gmail com>

	* NEWS:
	Update for release

2007-06-12  Martin Wehner  <martin wehner gmail com>

	* eel/eel-mime-application-chooser.c: (set_uri_and_mime_type):
	Clarify message by replacing "others" with "other files" in the
	application chooser dialog. (#150559)
	Patch from Björn Lindqvist  <bjourne gmail com>  

2006-06-05  Martin Wehner  <martin wehner gmail com>
	Post release version bump

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