libwnck 2.19.4

       Module: libwnck
      Version: 2.19.4
  Uploaded by: Vincent Untz
  md5sum: 56cc9119b043fdea198a7a85cbb08fa9
    size: 704K
  md5sum: 8dd4e5482d5fc99cecd9bb19cc349d08
    size: 532K




  - Show workspace names in the window selector (Vincent) [#354667]
  - Add support for _NET_FRAME_EXTENTS.
    wnck_window_get_client_window_geometry() is a new API and
    wnck_window_get_geometry() now returns the geometry including the window
    manager decorations (Vincent) [#351055]
  - Add wnck_screen_get_number() API (Vincent) [#169590]
  - Add wnck_screen_get_window_manager_name() API and window-manager-changed
    signal (Vincent) [#448043]


  - Deprecate wnck_gtk_window_set_dock_type() (Vincent)
  - Deprecate wnck_pager_set_screen() (Vincent)
  - Deprecate wnck_tasklist_set_screen() (Vincent)
  - Deprecate the screen argument of wnck_pager_new() and of
    wnck_tasklist_new() (Vincent)


  - Code cleanups (Vincent)
  - Make wnck_screen_net_wm_supports() work on all screens (Vincent)
  - Do not forget about the "Make below" action for the default possible
    actions (Vincent)
  - Rework selection ownership for the desktop layout: do not steal it and
    release it (Vincent)
  - Do not change the layout shown in the pager if the the pager couldn't
    update the layout hint (Vincent) [#445686]
  - Make the pager use the real layout of the screen when it cannot set the
    layout (Vincent)
  - Use g_timeout_add_seconds() when possible (Vincent)
  - Migrate to new GtkTooltip API (Vincent)
  - Add some safety guards to the public API (Vincent)
  - Improve position of the drag icon when dragging a window (Vincent)
  - Make wnck_pid_read_resource_usage() work for more X clients (Vincent)
  - Fix a crash happening sometimes when a tasklist is destroyed (Vincent)
  - Be more solid against invalid values for _NET_NUMBER_OF_DESKTOPS (Vincent)
  - Do not skip taskbar for transient windows if the window they're transient
    for don't exist (Vincent)
  - Fix a crash when dragging a window to somewhere like another
    workspace/viewport (Vincent) [#420713]
  - Make WnckSelector and WnckTasklist correctly work from bindings (Vincent)
  - Fix crash on multihead setups introduced in 2.19.3 (Vincent)
  - Fix potential invalidity of the previously active window when there are
    multiple screens (Vincent)


  - Totally rework API documentation (Vincent)
  - New wnckprop utility, not installed by default (Vincent)
  - Require glib 2.13.0 (Vincent)
  - Require GTK+ 2.11.3 (Vincent)


  - Mindu Dorji (dz)
  - Jorge González (es)
  - Ivar Smolin (et)
  - Wang Jian (zh_CN)

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