libgsf 1.14.4

       Module: libgsf
      Version: 1.14.4
  Uploaded by: Jody Goldberg
  md5sum: 06b77619a106302aeaee4f731aa49f90
    size: 772K
  md5sum: 2d07ad2f1336c101ce14982ba7289f80
    size: 536K


libgsf 1.14.4

Eduardo Lima :
	* Make Bonobo support optional. [#442205]

Federico Mena Quintero :
	* Limit resource usage in the thumbnailer. [#446087]

	* Have gsf-vba-dump handle .doc files too.
	* Implement gsf_init_dynamic
	* Tidy up docs and #includes in public headers.
	* Move the MS/ECMA Open Package code here from gnumeric.

Michael Lawrence :
	* Provide a libxml2-nanohttp wrapper. [#362373]

	* Plug leak.
	* Fix potential problem with reading mildly bogus files.  [#381588]
	* Fix potential oom crash on crazy OLE2 files.  [#381600]
	* Quote csv fields on initial or terminal white-space.  [#359348]
	* Fix encoding problem with thumbnailer.
	* Fix problem with gsf_output_printf triggering on x64_86.
	* Handle nested xml contents.
	* Basic life support for python bindings.  [#382239] [#382254]


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