metacity 2.19.21

       Module: metacity
      Version: 2.19.21
  Uploaded by: Thomas James Alexander Thurman
  md5sum: f3d2ad07a90ba00ec2bc8b1ad323320e
    size: 3.0M
  md5sum: bed83833d0be0478dcaa240d48e480b4
    size: 1.9M



Thanks to Damien Carbery and Thomas Thurman for improvements in
this release.

 - Fixed build on Solaris (Damien) [#397296, #446535]
 - Only activate windows which change their startup ID if the
   new ID differs from the old. (This fixes the bug where KDE
   apps gained the attention hint when switching workspaces.)
   (Thomas) [#400167]
 - Open new windows on the current xinerama. (Thomas) [#145503].

  Tshewang Norbu (dz),  Jorge González (es), Funda Wang (zh_CN)

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