gdm 2.19.3

       Module: gdm
      Version: 2.19.3
  Uploaded by: Brian Cameron
  md5sum: e71ade9af26889b78d652ce10a154e35
    size: 5.4M
  md5sum: 6799c09e84237a83d50dd746bad8dde6
    size: 3.4M


2.19.3 Stuff:

- Ensure non-null size is set by default for pango font
  description (Frederic Crozat) 

- Now set WINDOWPATH so that AT programs such as braille
  displays can work better with Xnest and sessions started
  via VT.

- Now support VT on Solaris where available (Brian Cameron)

- No longer call logindevperm logic when logging into XNEST 
  sessions since we do not want to change device permissions
  on Solaris for XNEST sessions, only for the real console

- Doc and string improvements.  (Brian Cameron)

- Translation updates (Pema Geyleg, Priit Laes, Alexander

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