orca 2.19.4

       Module: orca
      Version: 2.19.4
  Uploaded by: William Walker

  md5sum: 81206a97bdf93cd33975191a7c3a77e5
    size: 1.7M

  md5sum: fa498550c8ac681ec8af9483841a6ed1
    size: 1.1M


2.19.4 - 17-Jun-2007


* Fix for bug 376515 - Add GUI support for the new customizable
  text-attribute feature. There is a new "Text Attributes" pane in
  the Orca preferences dialog for this. It can also be set on an
  individual app-specific basis.

* Fix for bug 433818 â?? Messages on system tab of gnome-system-monitor
  are not reported by Orca.

* Fix for bug 433951 - making changes in the Orca Preferences dialog
  causes loss of script state.

* Fixes for bug 435199 - Orca is bloating the swap partition, so the
  system is no more usable after a short time.  We did a lot of
  analysis of Orca's memory usage and patched the leaks we were able
  to detect.  There is still a leak in the AT-SPI infrastructure; it
  is being worked on by the AT-SPI maintainers and is tracked via bug


* Fix for bug 442709 - Need to do "combo box cleanup"/refactor for

* Fix for bug 443337 - Orca should not use the alt text if it is empty
  to infer a link name.

* Fix for bug 444148 - Orca doesn't speak form fields at landsend.com

* Fix for bug 445578 - Link preview information would be desirable for
  Firefox.  This is obtained when performing a "Where Am I" operation
  (KP_Enter for desktop bindings, ORCA_MODIFIER+Return for laptop
  bindings).  Many thanks to new community member Scott Haeger for
  this functionality!

Java platform:

* Fix for bug 435553 - KeyError: 'startOffset' during Java Control
  Panel flat-review.

* Fix for bug 436658 - flat-review speaks "filler" for SwingSet2
  demo/source tabs.

* Fix for bug 436661 - flat-review speaks SwingSet2 toolbar image
  paths instead of item names.

* Fix for bug 437226 - Orca should handle Java labels and text where
  LABEL_FOR is not set.

New and updated translations (THANKS EVERYONE!!!):

    dz      Dzongkha             Pema Geyleg
    es      Spanish              Francisco Javier Dorado Martinez and
				 Jorge Gonzalez


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