Module: gnome-games
  Uploaded by: Andreas R�sdal
  md5sum: 8ea40f5918eb78df175f7d65644c1c08
    size: 9.6M
  md5sum: c3434a724cd72a536ba48d9187f10697
    size: 7.3M



This is a bugfix release of the stable branch of gnome-games,
containing fixes for several critical crashes in glChess and Sudoku.

	* Use correct pid not 0 for killing AIs (Bug #443073).
          This is a severe bug that causes the X server to be
          killed accidentally on some systems.
	* Don't block and handle exceptions for os.wait() (Bug #440052).

	* Ensure that g_thread_init is called before all other GLib
	  functions. This will prevent memory corruption, crashes, 
	  leaks and/or unexpected aborts. Fedora bug #241917.
	* Disable saving and loading, because of all the 
	  crashes reported to these features.

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