gnome-themes 2.19.3

       Module: gnome-themes
      Version: 2.19.3
  Uploaded by: Calum Benson
  md5sum: 981433f0706ff4f26fd28a3c16c6810a
    size: 2.8M
  md5sum: 2b4c2fd1334b6dea790822c34150e5cb
    size: 2.4M




2007-06-04  Luca Ferretti  <elle uca libero it>
       * icon-themes/HighContrast-SVG/scalable/status-extra/user.svg:
       A single user icon. I've to check if it's in I.N. spec or used
       somewhere with another name.

2007-06-04  Luca Ferretti  <elle uca libero it>
       * icon-themes/HighContrast-SVG/scalable/places-extra/
       * icon-themes/HighContrast-SVG/scalable/places-extra/library-internet-radio.svg:
       * icon-themes/HighContrast-SVG/scalable/places-extra/library-podcast.svg:
       * icon-themes/HighContrast-SVG/scalable/places-extra/playlist-automatic.svg:
       * icon-themes/HighContrast-SVG/scalable/places-extra/playlist.svg:
       HC extra icons for themeable icons in Rhythmbox
       (we hope other music players will follow the same naming scheme)
       By Andreas Nilsson.

2007-06-01  Andrea Cimitan  <andrea cimitan gmail com>
       * gtk-themes/Inverted/gtkrc:
       Fixed nautilus extra widget.

2007-05-31  Andrea Cimitan  <andrea cimitan gmail com>
       * gtk-themes/Glossy/gtkrc:
       * gtk-themes/Gummy/gtkrc:
       * gtk-themes/Inverted/gtkrc:
       Use colorize_scrollbar in style options.
       WARNING: requires svn version of gtk-engines

2007-05-31  Andrea Cimitan  <andrea cimitan gmail com>
       * gtk-themes/Gummy/gtkrc:
       Changed colorscheme.

2007-05-22  Andrea Cimitan  <andrea cimitan gmail com>
       * gtk-themes/Glossy/gtkrc:
       * gtk-themes/Gummy/gtkrc:
       GtkRange must use bg[NORMAL] from the parentbg, 
       since otherwise it is drawn with a different color 
       and it is not merging the window's bg. 
       (Try Glossy or Gummy with Clearlooks colors)

2007-05-19  Wouter Bolsterlee  <wbolster svn gnome org>
       * gtk-themes/Gummy/gtkrc:
       Use the text color for the cursor color as well to make
       the cursor not disappear with inverted (light on dark)
       color schemes.

2007-05-16  Luca Ferretti  <elle uca libero it>
       * icon-themes/HighContrast-SVG/scalable/devices/
       * icon-themes/HighContrast-SVG/scalable/devices/camera-web.svg:
       * icon-themes/HighContrast-SVG/scalable/devices/input-tablet.svg:
       * icon-themes/HighContrast-SVG/scalable/devices/pda.svg:
       * icon-themes/HighContrast-SVG/scalable/devices/phone.svg:
       * icon-themes/HighContrast-SVG/scalable/devices/scanner.svg:
       Placeholders for new named icons in the spec.

       * icon-themes/HighContrast-SVG/scalable/devices/multimedia-player.svg:
       Fresh icon, using iPod(R)(TM) shape by now.

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