gnome-games 2.19.3

       Module: gnome-games
      Version: 2.19.3
  Uploaded by: Andreas R�sdal
  md5sum: b6e3d9be12e4c5e9133cdcb8e729fc7a
    size: 12M
  md5sum: 316e00bfe3f14a0809c493ba47f2ca7e
    size: 9.1M


gnome-games 2.19.3

This is yet another development release of the 2.19.x development branch,
which should have been codenamed "On the road to stability"...
These are the groundbreaking news:

 * Aisleriot:
  - Aisleriot has recieved a mayor overhaul thanks to Christian Persch, 
    which includes:
    - Port Aisleriot to the Maemo platform. This is the first of the games
      which are aviailable on a this handheld platform. Hopefully, the other
      games will be ported later.
    - GTK+ only port. This will enable a win32 port of Aisleriot, without
      the libgnome dependencies.
    - Code refactoring.
  - New theme format and path of svg images. See the ChangeLog for details.
  - Bugfixes as a byproduct of the refactorings: #337080, #386827, #338466,
    #329183, #352084, #347448, #438079. 

 * General:
  - GStreamer support to all the gnome-games. This means that gnome-games now
    requires GStreamer >= 0.10. The common sound code is integrated into 
    libgames-support. The sounds are stored in /sounds in ogg vorbis format,
    which will reduce the total size of the gnome-games tarball.
  - Use new Tango icons from Daniel Derozier (closes #354507).
  - Application icons now in icons/ (closes #359499).

 * Nibbles:
  - Resolve a bug where Nibbles no longer allows 1 worm, due to a bug in the 
    victory conditions check (#439236). 

 * glChess:
  - Catch IOError on explicitly loaded games (Bug #442383).
  - Change 2D knights to face left (Bug #434496).
  - Add board numbering for 2D mode (Bug #392286).
  - Speed up 2D rotating.
  - Don't animate rotation on startup or when changing between 2/3D.

 * Tali:
  - Add new AI based on Monte Carlo simulation (#401880).
  - Track the roll count to display a meaningful label at game end (#407453).

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