gtk+ 2.11.1

       Module: gtk+
      Version: 2.11.1
  Uploaded by: Matthias Clasen
  md5sum: 2b299f63b59bfb6b064c2146739feeb7
    size: 22M
  md5sum: 57c8a900fe31b9a6e01cb50f1bd77b81
    size: 15M


Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.11.0 to 2.11.1

* GtkTextView:
 - Marks can be created independent from buffers
 - Cursor color follows text color

* OS X port:
 - Many improvements

* GDK:
 - Add support for composited child windows

* Bugs fixed:
 347883 do-overwrite-confirmation does nothing in 2.10
 440890 Crash in gtktooltip.c (GTK+ 2.11.0)
 440982 crash in gtk due to missing stock icon gtk-clear
 418047 GtkIconView sizing is very broken
 438440 All tests for Gtk2 failing when installing from CPAN
 314172 gtk_toolbar_set_icon_size() should be 'undeprecated'
 348493 _gdk_quartz_copy_to_image needs implementing for pixmaps
 398414 Printing to file with multiple pages per sheet
 412882 gdkwindow should support the concept of "composited"
 430218 Some file names are being cut unnecessarily with RTL Inte...
 435405 text view recreates pangolayouts all the time
 439565 Crash in GtkIconView a11y code
 440040 Reference counting in GtkPrintOperation goes awry
 440511 xcursors.h: illegal initializing
 440780 GtkAction set_short_label might be broken
 441443 jpeg loader does not set error upon abortion
 442172 Small cleanup in gtk_notebook_set_current_page and fix ty...
 442183 Updated gdk/
 443247 Two GtkNotebook cleanups
 441767 Icon cache isn't validated properly
 442326 Overview navigator traps mouse on wrong screen in dual mo...
 79585 	GtkTextView API to change cursor color
 132818 Allow GtkTextMark subclasses to be used in GtkTextBuffer
 348065 [PATCH] Remove automagic status of xinerama dependency
 441443 jpeg loader does not set error upon abortion
 386935 gtk_notebook_set_window_creation_hook only allows one...
 414947 Move "move-focus" signal to GtkWidget

* Updated translations:
 Thai (th)
 Spanish (es)
 Norwegian bokmål (nb)

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