orca 2.19.3

       Module: orca
      Version: 2.19.3
  Uploaded by: William Walker

  md5sum: 3acdd3ed9a2763bc4bb5220cd66aaa68
    size: 1.7M

  md5sum: 3b7c3015a65167a56fe8a5f49842c45e
    size: 1.1M


2.19.3 - 04-Jun-2007

General Orca:

* Make checkbox and radio button indicator strings customizable
  (thanks Mario Lang!)

* Present checkbox and radio button indicators before label/name in
  braille (thanks Mario Lang!)

* Fix for bug 345399 â?? Key echo missing alpha numeric and punctuation

* Fix for bug 349394 to make Speech Dispatcher Factory work better
  with Orca GUI preferences (thanks Tomas Cerha!)

* Fix for bug 376015 â?? [a11y] time-admin time servers table is not

* Fix for bug 412837 - Need a single number to summarize test code

* Fix for bug 434600 - cursor routing keys cannot be used to position
  caret at end of line 

* Fix for bug 435226 â?? Where-am-I doesn't correctly handle multiple
  selected paragraphs in OOo Writer and Evolution

* Fix for bug 439155 - Flat review is broken in gcalctool

* Fix for bug 439487 - Combobox role not shown in braille in 'brief'
  verbosity mode

* Fix for bug 439509 - Run Application Dialog prints entered text
  twice in braille (thanks Mario Lang!)

* Fix for bug 440592 â?? Orca doesn't speak gcalctool's status bar

* Fix for bug 440294 - Voice Properties in Speech Dispatcher backend
  (thanks Tomas Cerha!)

* Fix for bug 441640 - Rename processCursorKey to processRoutingKey 
  (thanks Mario Lang!)

* Fix for bug 441673 - Define InputEventHandler.__eq__ 
  (thanks Mario Lang!)

* Fix for bug 441723 â?? Orca should not speak "double prime" for the
  number 3

* Fix for bug 443012 - atspi.py:_onParentChanged upsets
  atspi.py:_cache in a bad way 


* Fix for bug 407941 - Infer labels for objects in HTML content

* Fix for bug 414657 â?? Linked headings should be announced as both
  heading and link

* Fix for bug 420540 â?? Firefox keyboard control wish list. Q/Shift+Q
  can now be used to navigate among blockquotes.

* Fix for bug 423435 - Orca is too chatty when loading a page in

* Fix for Bug 433655 â?? Orca's structural navigation should wrap at the
  end of a page

* Fix for bug 437753 - Orca should speak and braille the current locus
  of focus after a page is loaded in Firefox and then start reading
  the page

* Fix for bug 437986 â?? Orca should not first speak page and frame
  title when opening a menu in firefox

* Fix for bug 439286 â?? Gecko.py's find{Next,Previous}Object fails when
  object is document_frame.

* Fix for bug 440079 â?? Orca cannot arrow past certain combo boxes in

* Fix for bug 440529 â?? Orca bounces out of Firefox Help Contents tree
  and into the document frame

* Fix for bug 441476 Orca should attempt to detect erroneously-marked
  list labels in Firefox

* Fix for bug 441484 â?? Need to adjust Firefox form field navigation to
  accommodate Firefox changes.

* Fix for bug 441610 â?? Orca should identify bogus/redundant checkbox
  labels in Firefox.

* Fix for bug 442083 - Orca skips over empty entries with Up/Down
  Arrow in Firefox

* Fix for bug 442691 - Form field structural navigation is slow to and
  in large lists

* Fix for bug 443067 - sayAll by sentence skips content that is
  in HTML tables in Firefox

* Fix for bug 443337 - Orca should not use the alt text if it is empty
  to infer a link name

* Fix for bug 443650 - Orca "loops" on certain pages in Firefox


* Work on bug 435199 - Orca is bloating the swap partition, so
  the system is no more usable after a short time (improvements
  made to OpenOffice script)

* Additional fix for bug 435201 - Orca is too chatty when navigating
  by paragraph in OOo Writer

* Fix for bug 435226 â?? Where-am-I doesn't correctly handle multiple
  selected paragraphs in OOo Writer and Evolution

* Fix for bug 435852 â?? Orca and OpenOffice Calc have a memory lovefest

Java platform:

* Fix for bug 435825 - Non-ORBit object typecodes ignored when
  instantiating stubs.  NOTE: this was a pyorbit fix from Peter Parente
  that had a major impact on a number of bugs we were running into with
  the Java platform.  Thanks so much, Peter Parente!

* Fix for bug 436674 - flat-review only visits right-most tree nodes
  in SwingSet2 JTree demo

* Fix for bug 437049 - Orca does not speak Java Control Panel spinbox

New and updated translations (THANKS EVERYONE!!!):

    de      German               Jochen Skulj
    sv      Swedish              Daniel Nylander
    en_GB   English/British      David Lodge


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