lsr 0.5.3

       Module: lsr
      Version: 0.5.3
  Uploaded by: Peter Parente
  md5sum: 4cd924aa75a833531d4647bcf6dc4608
    size: 780K
  md5sum: f0151af21953ab113b9ec723b39c0c96
    size: 544K



Point release for GNOME 2.19.3.

* Firefox improvements.

  * Automatic mode switching and focus setting has been solidified since it was 
    first introduced in 0.5.2.

  * Read link preview hotkey provides information about a link including 
    protocol, relationship of link's domain to current page domain, and 
    download size for ftp, ftps and file protocols.

  * Read page summary hotkey provides an overview of the page layout including
    the number of headings, forms, tables, visited and unvisited links and 

  * Container keys are now widget mode hotkeys.

  * Optimization for read URL hotkey.

  * Improvements for list and entry navigation announcements and automatic 
    scrolling during navigation.
* Speed improvements. We spent a good chunk of time in this release
  optimizing LSR so that it is more responsive.

* Three new Perks for gedit, gcalctool, and the gnome-keybinding-properties
  dialog. Thanks to Joel Feiner, Cristobal Palmer, and Andy Shi for their
  work on these Perks.

* Speech verbosity settings. More control over role, headings, index, and
  text area announcements.

* Corrections to ensure single characters are announced intelligibly.

* Daniel Nylander(sv)
* Jorge Gonzalez(es)
* David Lodge(en_GB)


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