gtkmm 2.11.6

       Module: gtkmm
      Version: 2.11.6
  Uploaded by: Murray Cumming
  md5sum: f902ec955986261607d6b78dbaaff856
    size: 12M
  md5sum: ffddf21ec5f1ee9b15905ec06998c38f
    size: 8.6M



* Pixbuf:
  - Added constructors that do not take dest_x 
  and dest_y (which are ignored in this case).
  - get_formats(): Corrected the reference counting.

* Builder: Removed get_type_from_name().
* IconView:
  - set_tooltip_item(), set_tooltip_cell():
  Use Tooltip only via a RefPtr.
  (Murray Cumming)
  - Added get_tooltip_context_path()
  and get_tooltip_context_iter().
  (Marko Anastasov)
* LinkButton: Added set_uri_hook() and unset_uri_hook().
* PrintJob: Added a const version of get_surface() 
* PrintSettings: Corrected the typedef for SlotForeach - 
  the ustring&s should be const. I do not believe that anybody could 
  have been using this, so I think it is OK to change it.
* Tooltip: Added set_tip_area().
* TreeView:
  - Added convert_widget_to_tree_coords(), 
    convert_tree_to_widget_coords(), convert_widget_to_bin_window_coords(), 
    convert_bin_window_to_widget_coords(), convert_tree_to_bin_window_coords(), 
    set_tooltip_row(), set_tooltip_cell(), set_tooltip_column(), 
  (Murray Cumming)
  - Added get_tooltip_context_path() and get_tooltip_context_iter().
  (Marko Anastasov)
* Widget: Added keynav_failed(), error_bell(), 
  modify_cursor(), unset_cursor(), 
  set_has_tooltip(), get_has_tooltip().
  (Murray Cumming)
* Documentation:
  - Corrected lots of API reference documentation.
  (Murray Cumming, Marko Anastasov, Jonathan Jongsma)
  - Added a Tooltip example. (Marko Anastasov)

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