epiphany 2.16.3

       Module: epiphany
      Version: 2.16.3
  Uploaded by: Christian Persch

  md5sum: 9e655ca3d9c663e4a3054ee8422fcecd
    size: 5.7M

  md5sum: 3ee93d168eb5720a96f4c7adf2cdf2d4
    size: 4.1M


Epiphany 2.16.3

	* Added flv mime type
	* Added text/google-video-pointer and variant.
	* Added text/csv as a safe type (note that the alias 
	  text/x-comma-separate-values is also present).

	* Workaround for the crash while deleting bookmarks.
	  Bug #351814.
	* Add "si" to locales always using pango.
	  Bug #361538.
	* Fix secure location bar colouring with dark themes.
	  Bug #347343.
	* Fix bookmarks export to HTML.
	  Bug #345925.
	* Corrects the expand of the Privacy tab in the Preferences window.
	* Removed the hardcoded invisible char from glade files.
	  Bug #393910.
	* Fallback for setting image as background not working in Fedora. 
	  Bug ##387206. See redhat #201867.
	* Fixes the escaping of page not fully loaded error message. 
	  Bug #374627.
	* Fixes a problem at link time on Darwin.
	  Bug #387233.
	* Avoid crashing when calling epiphany.Shell() from Python.
	  Bug #351705.
	* Make sure we don't write characters < 0x20 (except 0x9, 0xa, 0xd) to XML.
	  Bug #392782.

Contributors to this release:
Diego Escalante Urrelo, Vitali Ischenko, Baptiste Mille-Mathias, Stefan Stuhr,
Christian Persch, Gaëtan Podevijn, Chris Wilson

Translation updates:
Khaled Hosny (ar), Jakub Friedl (cs), Leonardo Ferreira Fontenelle (pt_BR),
Laurent Dhima (sq)


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