gnome-games 2.16.3

       Module: gnome-games
      Version: 2.16.3
  Uploaded by: Andreas R�sdal
  md5sum: ef0db77e572e864c981c7dad76a307c4
    size: 6.7M
  md5sum: 88baa9ab64b84bfcac2a1ba05f84d2f9
    size: 5.1M


gnome-games 2.16.3

This is a stable maintenance release of the 2.16 branch of gnome-games,
increasing the fancibility of the games.

- Open high scores dialog on correct page (Bug #391216).

- Fix broken layout in some locales because of floating numbers (Bug #386213).
- Enable menu item when game is won (Bug #380623).

- Cancel AI operations when undo selected (Bug #386165).

 - Allow gnibbles to save preferences for sound and fakes (Bug 374981).

Translations updated:
 - ar.po: Arabic translation
 - hu.po Hungarian translation
 - ko.po: Korean translation

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