gok 1.2.2

       Module: gok
      Version: 1.2.2
  Uploaded by: Bill Haneman

  md5sum: 3cd10525513ccaee321ca0113df9a059
    size: 2.0M

  md5sum: 6a042551459a76653aac4d8ea132443b
    size: 1.2M


2007-02-27  Bill Haneman <billh gnome org>

	Use Xevie for corepointer events when available;
	(Key milestone towards 'zeroconf gok')
	Fixes bug #323648.
	* gok/main.c:
	Include Xevie header if HAVE_XEVIE is defined.
	(gok_main_open): Attach an Xevie handler if xevie is available.
	(gok_main_xevie_io): New handler, for Xevie events.
	Passes Xevie motion events to gok-scanner (see below).
	(gok_main_attach_new_device): New boolean method, returns
	TRUE if new XInput events should cause the new XInput devices
	to be attached.  Currently only returns TRUE if XEvie isn't available.
	(gok_main_window_contains_pointer): Don't use gdk_window_get_pointer,
	since we may ask during an xevie interception; we now have to calculate
	this ourselves from the xevie event and the window bounds.

	* gok/gok-page-actions.c:
	(gok_page_actions_combo): Add a blank XInput entry, to avoid
	setting the XInput extension device as a side-effect if only 
	one is detected on the system.

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