metacity 2.17.8

       Module: metacity
      Version: 2.17.8
  Uploaded by: Thomas James Alexander Thurman
  md5sum: 9191ed3dd78350e83b63d1dd29e607c6
    size: 2.9M
  md5sum: 85c46cdeda8afd2b4c817d531dfc8eed
    size: 1.9M



Thanks to Jaap A. Haitsma, Linus Torvalds and Kjartan Maraas
for improvements in this release.

   - Change icon in the "kill window" dialog because the old
     one was removed from GNOME (Jaap)
   - refactor the code which handles mouse events on the title
     bar (Linus)
   - Add MAINTAINERS to EXTRA_DIST (Kjartan)

  Alexander Shopov (bg), Jakub Friedl (cs), Hendrik Richter (de),
  Ivar Smolin (et), Ilkka Tuohela (fi), Robert-André Mauchin (fr),
  Changwoo Ryu (ko), Marek Stepien (pl), Duarte Loreto (pt),
  Maxim Dziumanenko (uk)

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