gnome-screensaver 2.17.8

       Module: gnome-screensaver
      Version: 2.17.8
  Uploaded by: William Jon McCann
  md5sum: bb4d2a0eed56ba0e5f7af9e97487fc6d
    size: 2.3M
  md5sum: 28e5dc0f96dbf60014222000a02639a9
    size: 2.0M


Version 2.17.8


        * Fixed #400579, gnome-screensaver fails to compile against openpam (Ray Strode)
        * Fixed #407524, Freeze on unlock screen (William Jon McCann)
        * Fixed #407964, direct fast user switching (William Jon McCann)
        * Fixed #411393, 'switch user' button needs to turn inactive on selection (William Jon McCann)
        * Set ConsoleKit idle-hint state


        * Updated bg: Alexander Shopov
        * Updated pt: Duarte Loreto
        * Updated ko: Changwoo Ryu
        * Updated hu: Gabor Kelemen
        * Updated lt: Gintautas Miliauskas
        * Updated uk: Maxim Dziumanenko
        * Updated fi: Ilkka Tuohela
        * Updated ja: Takeshi AIHANA
        * Updated pl: Artur Flinta


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