gnome-python-extras 2.14.3

       Module: gnome-python-extras
      Version: 2.14.3
  Uploaded by: Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro
  md5sum: 577944dc7866bc9a23cce90e9dabef74
    size: 504K
  md5sum: 7d3414838ccb94cfcecc0a48f68c012d
    size: 360K


Overview of Changes from 2.14.2 to 2.14.3
* gtkhtml2
 - Check for errors in html_document_open_stream (Gustavo)
 - Fix the example (Gustavo)
* gda
 - Make it explicit that the license is LGPL (Murray)
* gdl
 - Support the gdl 0.7.x API, in addtion to 0.6.x (Gian)
* egg.trayicon
 - Apply upstream patch to enable transparent icons (Vladimir Mosgalin)
* gksu
 - Build gksu conditionally, like it was supposed to all along (Gustavo)

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