intltool 0.35.5

       Module: intltool
      Version: 0.35.5
  Uploaded by: Rodney Dawes
  md5sum: 44fd1daa908f6e70f0c82c02274238c3
    size: 180K
  md5sum: f52d5fa7f128db94e884cd21dd45d2e2
    size: 136K


Version 0.35.5

* Don't hardcode fallback path to intltool-extract
  -- bug #399476 (Rodney Dawes)
* Fix mkdir race in
  -- bug #400788 (Rodney Dawes, Leonardo Boshell)
* Update an additional check to use $SRCDIR properly for POTFILES.skip
  -- bug #391892 (Rodney Dawes)
* Handle extracting comments from ini-style files
  -- bug #390271 (Takao Fujiwara)

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