vte 0.15.3

       Module: vte
      Version: 0.15.3
  Uploaded by: Behdad Esfahbod

  md5sum: 7221387afb8f6ca1364d75e2750feb75
    size: 1.3M

  md5sum: ed423c10b24f77a6f5117f1fb4d9d981
    size: 1.1M


This is another release including awesome work of one Chris Wilson.  Lots of
bugs with the previous release are fixed in this one and some new ones are
introduced.  Doh!

- Faster control sequence matching, using gperf-generated tables now
- Faster regex matching
- Improved expose handling
- Improved control sequence matching
- Various optimizations
- Various cleanups
- Bugs fixed in this release:
	Bug 407091 â?? vte_terminal_fork_command() env argument changed semantic
		in 0.15.2
		Original patch by Michael Vogt.
	Bug 323393 â?? Hyper-sensitive selection
	Bug 406763 â?? Selecting double-wide characters
	Bug 363597 â?? Scrollback in profile dialog doesn't work
	Bug 345344 â?? Pattern matching is inefficient
	Bug 324246 â?? Performance degredation with large numbers of highlighted
	Bug 86119 â?? "select all" feature
		Original patch by Simone Gotti.
	Bug 342059 â?? ASCII escape sequences don't work as expected
		Patch by Mariano Suárez-Alvarez.
	Bug 404757 â?? URL matching doesn't work with PCRE
	Bug 403028 â?? decset mode 12 = blinking cursor
	cf Bug 342338 â?? suffers from memory fragmentation
	Bug 106618 â?? CJK 'fixed width' font and 's p a c e d o u t' issue
	cf Bug 83285 â?? Treacle-slow scrolling in gnome-terminal on
		unaccelerated X server
	Bug 322241 â?? Please switch to pkg-config to check for freetype
	Bug 322240 â?? Usage of pkg-config privates header
	cf Bug 403275 â?? crash in Terminal: I was typing reset on th...
	Bug 403159 â?? XftDrawSetClipRectangles() silently fails on ppc->i386
	Bug 382245 â?? __PyGtk_API multiply defined in python module
	Bug 155687 â?? Scroll region \E[NN;MMr should set cursor to home
	Bug 147784 â?? cursor unvisible under mouse highlight
	Bug 368894 â?? crash in Terminal: I started gnome-terminal...
	Bug 402329 â?? Rendering problem with underlines and cursor
	Bug 336105 â?? gnome-terminal crashes when termcap not found
	Bug 401215 â?? Multi-pass renderering
	Bug 157267 â?? _vte_terminal_fudge_pango_colors() breaks Japanese input
		Patch by ynakai redhat com 
	Bug 400834 â?? Use a global display/process timeout
	Bug 401082 â?? double-draw issue
	Bug 318307 â?? Cursor colour changes to foreground when unfocused
	Bug 317449 â?? The cursor disappears when clicking on windows above
	Bug 400759 â?? update problem with vte trunk
	Bug 400671 â?? crash in Terminal: detaching of tabs
	Bug 399137 â?? UTF-8 problem in VteAccess
	Bug 400493 â?? Mouse selection seriously broken
	Bug 400438 â?? _vte_invalidate_all triggered on GDK_VISIBILITY_UNOBSCURED
	cf Bug 400072 â?? Handling of ; in control sequences
	cf Bug 399617 â?? Avoid memory allocations during an expose event.
	Bug 147495 â?? screen flicker when opening new terminal windows
	Bug 334755 â?? Incomplete information from vte_terminal_get_font
	Bug 400184 â?? _vte_pty_open declaration mismatch - breaks on Solaris
	Bug 335269 â?? Change the way vte handles PangoFontDescription behind
	Bug 123591 â?? vte_terminal_fork_command succeeds even when it does not


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