gnome-themes 2.17.91

       Module: gnome-themes
      Version: 2.17.91
  Uploaded by: Calum Benson
  md5sum: e977a5c754f9c43273b8fb09fbf5d6da
    size: 2.8M
  md5sum: 81516c361dabd92b6b3286d689d048a9
    size: 2.3M




2007-01-22  Thomas Wood  <thos gnome org>

       Patch from: Sebastian Kapfer <sebastian_kapfer web de>

       * metacity-themes/Glider/metacity-theme-1.xml: Correct the unmaximize
       button's prelight icon. Fixes bug 157647.

New/updated translations:

2007-02-11  Changwoo Ryu  <cwryu debian org>
       * ko.po: Updated Korean translation by Young-Ho Cha.

2007-02-08  Josep Puigdemont i Casamajó  <josep puigdemont gmail com>
       * ca.po: Updated Catalan translation.

2007-02-01  Stéphane Raimbault  <stephane raimbault gmail com>
       * fr.po: Updated French translation by Robert-André Mauchin.

2007-01-31  Wouter Bolsterlee  <wbolster svn gnome org>
       * nl.po: Translation updated by Wouter Bolsterlee.

2007-01-28  Luca Ferretti  <elle uca libero it>
       * it.po: Updated Italian translation.

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