gnome-media 2.17.91

       Module: gnome-media
      Version: 2.17.91
  Uploaded by: Ronald Bultje
  md5sum: f3f7a59850dc481cb05c17fd2ca1ecd0
    size: 4.0M
  md5sum: 297978a546d25d2e03081842bccc534d
    size: 2.9M


This is gnome-media 2.17.91

Changes since 2.18.90:
	* rename polypaudio to pulse audio in media system preferences.
	* modularize to allow individual enabling/disabling
	  of components (note that this was a gnome-love bug, patch was
	  provided by Rene Vahtel).
	* call g_thread_init() in each gst app to make sure threads are
	  enabled before we use slice memory.
	* fix regression in 2.17.90 where for some users, the mouse wheel
	  could no longer adapt the volume.
	* fix potential crash-on-startup in gnome-volume-control.
	* fix function returning w/o return value in gnome-cd.
	* remove Application as category for gnome-volume-control desktop
	* accessibility bug fixes in gnome-sound-recorder.

Bugs fixed:
	* 319277: Modulize / Add in configure flag to allow disable install...
	* 349305: Polypaudio is renamed to PulseAudio
	* 364652: The relation between label_for/labelled_by is absent in s...
	* 365176: Status bar of sound-recorder is not accessible for blinds.
	* 399710: GLib threading system has not been initialised 
	* 399807: [PATCH] call g_thread_init() before any other GLib function
	* 400498: can't adjust the volume with the scrollwheel
	* 402165: crash on startup
	* 403518: "linux_cdrom_get_status" return nothing when function ret...
	* 405427: Remove invalid Application category

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