anjuta 2.1.1

       Module: anjuta
      Version: 2.1.1
  Uploaded by: Naba Kumar
  md5sum: 0a2d5c4ee9dc0a061c1cb43919692fef
    size: 6.9M
  md5sum: 8113f280db27dcf923748ca66c0c19fa
    size: 5.2M


Anjuta 2.1.1 (11 Feb 2007) -- Naba Kumar

New: gprof based program profiler plugin.
New: Several improvements in debugger plugin.
New: Several improvements in editor plugins.
New: Enabled integrated devhelp now that it works.
New: Use pixmaps for editor markers.
New: Several minor improvements.

Translation updates
* en_GB, sv, ja, Swedish translation of manual.

Bugs fixed
#335235 python programs are not executeable/ do not start when pr...
#335981 Migration from popt to GOption
#340618 Application wizards should use gtkmm-2.4 API
#355160 show debug toolbar without debugger plugin => crash
#357997 add a new project variable => crash
#374709 Anjuta Crash activating devhelp plugin
#394216 No indication of subversion commands running
#395875 upon startup i get this big fat warning -- crash when add...
#398067 files are not localized
#398930 Set alignment in the tab page header widget
#398991 Anjuta manuals does not use the gnome-doc-utils format
#400833 Changes in libgladeui ABI
#404561 xml and xsl editing is not possible
#397406 Class files are not created in the right directory
#394184 [Bounty] Test and fix all project wizards templates
#359478 Bounty: Gprof performance profiler plugin
#403501 Proper handling of parsing error
#403515 When a target is selected, the profiler widget should be ...
#391728 Program crashes when accepting save directory.
#378600 indicate debugger state
#392537 Starting debugger is very confusing: UI suggestions
#395808 breakpoints don't seem to work
#404755 Multiple instances of debugger views
#406113 debugger crash on 'Run/continue'
#376404 show current line arrow only when debugger running

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