beagle 0.2.16

       Module: beagle
      Version: 0.2.16
  Uploaded by: Joe Shaw
  md5sum: 804dfe35624af79f6977387783fec2df
    size: 2.0M
  md5sum: 4818ca64dc2311208a27f03893836e49
    size: 1.5M


Version 0.2.16
7 February 2007

Notable changes:

* Roll back the Mono requirement to  The .NET 2.0 support
  should be good enough in it, and it gives us access to more released
  distros (like Ubuntu Edgy and SUSE 10.1).

* Change our method of setting up limits on external extractor
  processes, because running JITted code in a child process sometimes
  causes runtime deadlocks.  [bgo #402065]

* Fix a problem in our Sqlite schema where Beagle could loop crawling
  directories that started with zeros.

* Correctly handle filter versions while indexing, so that if a filter
  is upgraded to index more information, those files will be

* Fix a problem where KMail folders were not being indexed.  [bgo
  #391647 and #401767, bnc #238161]

* Fix an issue with the file system backend reporting that it is
  indexing even after it has finished.

* Fix an issue with the Evolution mail backend reporting that it is
  doing the initial crawl even if it is only reprocessing a changed

* Fix an issue with the Konversation backend always reporting that it
  is indexing, prompting the info box in beagle-search.

* Many robustness improvements to the Konversation backend.

* Fixes to the image filter (extracting JFIF comments and IPTC data,
  among others).

* Fix a potential deadlock on PDF files that cause pdftotext to spam
  output to stderr.

* Fix the SVG filter to handle undeclared namespaces gracefully.
  [bgo #404787]

* Handle JavaScript comments inside HTML files properly.

* Workaround certain archive files that cause SharpZipLib to loop
  infinitely.  [bgo #402280]

* Fix bugs caused by a change in behavior after switching to the .NET
  2.0 profile, mostly date-related.

* Fixed a problem where beagle-crawl-system was not being properly
  generated at configure-time.  [bgo #401504]

* Translations:

  - [New] Dzongkha       (Pema Geyleg)
  - Brazilian Portuguese (Igor Pires Soares)
  - Catalan              (Jordi Mas)
  - Galician             (Ignacio Casal Quinteiro)
  - Japanese             (Takeshi Aihana)
  - Swedish              (Daniel Nylander)

Contributors to this release: Debajyoti Bera, Joe Shaw, Alexander
Macdonald, Stephan Hegel, Rick Friedman.

5 GNOME Bugzilla bugs fixed in this release:

Full set of changes:*checkout*/beagle/tags/BEAGLE_0_2_16/ChangeLog


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