evolution-jescs 2.21.1

       Module: evolution-jescs
      Version: 2.21.1
  Uploaded by: Jedy Jedy Wang

  md5sum: e2f0ce73c2634462f58a0a3f4e2f7dda
    size: 696K

  md5sum: a9ef26077de959f19685a20f83200af6
    size: 524K


2008-12-12  Wang Xin  <jedy wang sun com>

	* configure.in: Bump to 2.21.1.

2008-12-12  Wang Xin  <jedy wang sun com>

	* camel/camel-sunone-transport.c: Report the error when the user
	use WCAP protocal to send a mail.

2008-12-10  Wang Xin  <jedy wang sun com>

	* storage/sunone-folder-tree.c: Tell users where to setup a
	new calendar account.

2008-11-23  Wang Xin  <jedy wang sun com>

	Fixes #496968, add new error code and reformat the source.

	* calendar/cal-backend-wcap.c:
	* lib/sunone-connection.c:
	* lib/sunone-connection.h:
	* lib/sunone-error-codes.h:
	* lib/sunone-message.c:
	* lib/sunone-util.c:
	* storage/sunone-invitation-list-model.c:
	* storage/sunone-invitation-list.c:

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