kiwi 1.9.17

       Module: kiwi
      Version: 1.9.17
  Uploaded by: Johan Dahlin
  md5sum: 7b3195d95ce4395719d368795314de2e
    size: 1.1M
  md5sum: 431fd637fb3e31982491e0bc8e6e3975
    size: 892K


kiwi-1.9.17 29-agust-2007
    - Gazpacho:
      - Add gazpacho support for a scale widgets too.
      - Add HScale/VScale (based on patch by Mauricio B. C. Vieira.)
    - ObjectList:
      - Remove the cache property.
      - Refactor column and renderer handling to the Column.
      - Add basic DND support.
      - Call format_func before checking the format and the datatype.
      - Add ellipsize and font-desc properties.
      - Handle list without selection.
      - Add a font-desc parameter to ListLabel/SummaryLabel.
    - Prefill::Handle duplicate entries by adding (n) to the end of the name
    - Dialogs: New function based around gtk.FILE_CHOOSER_ACTION_SELECT_FOLDER.
               (Based on patch by Paul Eipper (#3490))

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