liboobs 2.19.91

       Module: liboobs
      Version: 2.19.91
  Uploaded by: Carlos Garnacho
  md5sum: b1fb58708db4d02ab4c6c66206b9cfec
    size: 456K
  md5sum: 1b9081d3b1e1cae1df9d921b5557bc6c
    size: 316K


Liboobs 2.19.91, 2007-08-28

Liboobs version 2.19.91 "In a thousand years, or maybe a week" has been released.

Liboobs is a lightweight library that provides a GObject based interface to system-tools-backends. It's completely abstracted of the communication and authentication details, making it easy for applications to integrate with the system details.

Changes since last release

- Fixes to make more binding-friendly (John Finlay)

Thanks to anyone involved!

You can get it from :

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