epiphany 2.19.91

       Module: epiphany
      Version: 2.19.91
  Uploaded by: Christian Persch

  md5sum: a25b2bc652541b2f751a5b68e0165318
    size: 6.3M

  md5sum: 9bd85a26913b90b8c81ec6b300f9ecf8
    size: 4.5M


2007-08-26  Diego Escalante Urrelo  <diegoe gnome org>

	* src/ephy-go-action.c:

	Fix the Go button signal handler so it doesn't stop the propagation of
	the event due to a bad signal handler. Fixes bug #469845. Patch by
	Cosimo Cecchi.

2007-08-26  Diego Escalante Urrelo  <diegoe gnome org>

	* lib/ephy-file-helpers.c:
	* lib/ephy-file-helpers.h:
	* embed/mozilla/MozDownload.h:
	* embed/mozilla/MozDownload.cpp:

	Add saved files to the GtkRecent list, gnome-panel is broken so don't
	expect to see the effects of this working there, you can use it on the
	GtkFileChooser dialog however. Fixes Bug #148401. Original patch by
	Christian Persch, updated by Cosimo Cecchi.

2007-08-25  Christian Persch  <chpe gnome org>

	* data/mime-types-permissions.xml:

	More mime types.

2007-08-22  Christian Persch  <chpe gnome org>

	* embed/mozilla/GeckoPrintService.cpp:

	Enable printing to PDF file on gecko 1.9, now that moz#367907 is

2007-08-19  Diego Escalante Urrelo  <diegoe gnome org>

	* lib/widgets/ephy-location-entry.c:

	Make cursor be at the end of the URL when selecting entries from the
	completion popup. Fixes bug #466344.

2007-08-16  Xan Lopez  <xan gnome org>

	* embed/webkit/webkit-embed.cpp (impl_reload): implement reload.

2007-08-16  Carlos Garcia Campos  <carlosgc gnome org>

	* lib/egg/egg-toolbar-editor.c: (set_drag_cursor):
	* lib/egg/egg-editable-toolbar.c: (configure_item_cursor),

	Fix multihead problems in toolbar editor.
2007-08-15  Diego Escalante Urrelo  <diegoe gnome org>

	* embed/downloader-view.c:

	Fix download-icon toolip updates, patch by Cosimo Cecchi.
	Fixes bug #343238.

2007-08-15  Diego Escalante Urrelo  <diegoe gnome org>

	* embed/mozilla/GtkNSSDialogs.cpp:

	Default to Cancel on Cert dialogues, patch by Cosimo Cecchi. 
	Fixes bug #163379.

2007-08-15  Diego Escalante Urrelo  <diegoe gnome org>

	* embed/mozilla/EphyUtils.cpp:
	* embed/mozilla/EphyHeaderSniffer.cpp:
	* embed/mozilla/MozDownload.cpp:

	Fix strict-aliasing warnings, patch by Cosimo Cecchi. 
	Happy 10 years GNOME!. Fixes bug #433173.

2007-08-13  Christian Persch  <chpe gnome org>

	=== Release 2.19.90 ===

	* Makefile.am:

	Try to fix distcheck.

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