deskbar-applet 2.19.91

       Module: deskbar-applet
      Version: 2.19.91
  Uploaded by: Raphaël Slinckx
  md5sum: ea9d8cc3460df55c474c74cfa0774230
    size: 1.1M
  md5sum: 128f73573622fb18cc46a02a706476c1
    size: 728K


deskbar-applet 2.19.91

This release contains numerous bug fixes. Navigation has been improved
to better fit the navigation in previous Deskbar releases. The GUI
will be displayed in the center of the screen. You can also switch to the
list of actions when you click in the '>' on the right of a match and
go back from the list of actions when clicking the new "Back to Matches"
button. Furthermore, developers that want to write their own modules
can make use of the new ActionFactory that returns a list of actions
depending on a file's MIME-type.

	* Resolved some displaying issues with OpenFileAction, OpenWithApplicationAction and SendFileViaEmailAction actions
	* Added GoToLocationAction.
	* Added Factory to easily get actions for given file.
	* Refactored beagle-live module.
	* Fixed bug #466541: deskbar-applet crashed with AttributeError	in on_disabled_module_changed()
	* Fixed: Disabled modules get still queried and return results
	* Select last match when up is pressed in entry.
	* Select entry on CuemiacTreeView's "pressed-up-at-top"	and "pressed-down-at-bottom" signals.
	* Only restore small window if it has been saved before.
	* Removed "show_history" from GConf schema.
	* Removed obsolote code to show/hide history
	* Fixed: Missing transparency
	* Fixed: Doesn't close window after history action has been selected
	* Fixed: Navigation issues if one or more categories where collapsed
	* Fixed bug #413097: wierd text-string in deskbar-applet
	* Fixed: Execute actions twice
	* Fixed: GtkBookmarkMatch throws exception
	* Removed 'handlersdir' from deskbar-applet.pc and added 'modulesdir'
	* Implemented is_valid method properly and checking	is_valid before restoring history and activating an action
	* Fixed bug #467825: Beagle VS Beagle-Live plugin
	* Display windows always in the middle of the screen
	* Removed storing/setting window position.
	* Removed galeon handler because galeon isn't maintained anymore
	* Changed default value from "clear_entry" to TRUE in GConf
	* Set More button sensitive when callback (module's	show_config method) is callable and don't depend on value of INSTRUCTIONS attribute
	* Removed config dialog of beagle-live handler
	* Clear list of matches and actions not until first new match arrives
	* Fixed: Match is labeled wrong if match has 2 actions
	* Install bug buddy exception hook.	Removed dialog that displays stack trace. If an exception is raised in a module	only bring up bug buddy if its filename is contained in a whitelist. That way we want to prevent that exceptions in 3rd-party handlers land in bugzilla.
	* Display "Choose action" after history item has been selected and history has been cleared.
	* Clear entry, matches and actions list if "clear_entry" is True. Otherwise, navigation in the TreeView is still possible and	would cause trouble.
	* Changed icon of button to clear history to gtk.STOCK_CLEAR (patch by Michael Monreal)
	* Changed icon for GnomeDictHandler to 'accessories-dictionary'	because gdict isn't included in gnome-icon-theme anymore.(patch by Michael Monreal)
	* Changed icon of RecentHandler to 'document-open-recent' (patch by Michael Monreal)
	* Changed icon of email category to 'emblem-mail' (patch by Michael Monreal)
	* Fixed bug #468452: History widget size. Only the first line of text will be displayed	in the history combobox.
	* Added new epiphany-history icon (thanks to Michael Monreal)
	* Changed default icon for category history to "document-open-recent"
	* Added web-search icon
	* Changed icon of MozillaSearchHandler, EpiphanySearchHandler and websearch category to web-search
	* Fixed bug #468813: Yahoo Extension Icon (thanks to Michael Monreal)
	* Fixed: When moving modules with buttons the view didn't follow the selected module
	* Fixed: Exception when using epiphany handler
	* Removed description that matches can be activated	with Alt+LETTER, because this feature isn't available anymore.
	* Add "Back to Matches" button under the list of actions.
	* Make the '>' beneath matches that have more than one action clickable to go the list of actions. This replaces that you have to press ctrl while clicking on a match to display its actions.

Contributors to this release: Sebastian Pölsterl, Michael Monreal

Updated Translations:
	* Brazilian Portuguese
	* Canadian English
	* Estonian
	* Finnish
	* Gujarati
	* Hungarian
	* Japanese
	* Korean
	* Lithuanian
	* Polish
	* Portuguese
	* Macedonian
	* Spanish
	* Swedish
	* Thai

Contributors to the translations: Vladimir Melo, Adam Weinberger, Ivar Smolin, Ilkka Tuohela, Ankit Patel, Gabor Kelemen, Takeshi AIHANA, Young-Ho Cha, Žygimantas BeruÄ?ka, Artur Flinta, Duarte Loreto, Jovan Naumovski, Jorge Gonzalez, Daniel Nylander, Theppitak Karoonboonyanan


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