file-roller 2.19.90

       Module: file-roller
      Version: 2.19.90
  Uploaded by: Paolo Bacchilega
  md5sum: cbdc9b5e7aa0f6389dbb7107719fa3a4
    size: 1.7M
  md5sum: c94ae2947227f42b30dcfd366e49dab4
    size: 1.2M


version 2.19.90
	* Fixed copy & paste of folders with tar archives.
	* Fixed execution of the sidebar context menu commands.
	* Fixed renaming of files.  Do not change the current location when 
	reloading the archive after a rename.
	* Fixed bug #144216 - can't open compressed .EXE files
	* Fixed bug #463251 - remove #include <gnome.h> lines
	* Fixed bug #463235 - Can't add an empty directory with --add option.
	* Fixed bug #463753 - replace gnome_help_display.
	* Fixed bug #463887 - Progress bar height should be smaller.

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