zenity 2.19.2

       Module: zenity
      Version: 2.19.2
  Uploaded by: Lucas Almeida Rocha

  md5sum: 904d6bc807318659e7d6ad683317eb69
    size: 1.9M

  md5sum: e72dc92169ecdb5b32bf0839b91055b9
    size: 1.7M


Zenity 2.19.2
" Dude, Dude, Dude "
   * Added timeout option to all dialogs (Muthiah Annamalai) [#160654]
   * Fixed critical warning when using checkbox and radiobox in
     list dialog [#453713]
   * Fixed broken handling of input from pipes in list dialog [#343684] 
   * Correctly handle UTF-8 input text in the text info dialog [#407275]
   * Initialize GTK+ before parsing command line options to
     better handle errors on display setting [#410055]
   * New and updated documentation translations
	- David Lodge [en_GB]
   * New and updated translations
	- Jakub Friedl [cs]
	- I Felix [ta]
	- Ilkka Tuohela [fi]

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