deskbar-applet 2.19.90

       Module: deskbar-applet
      Version: 2.19.90
  Uploaded by: Raphaël Slinckx
  md5sum: c29933e3715330f3841063b354b92b8b
    size: 992K
  md5sum: 7dd9205848f4b64acee07c0a2235b0ce
    size: 712K


deskbar-applet 2.19.80

This release features a completely new GUI and supports
better navigation with the keyboard.
If you type a search term you can jump to the results when pressing
the down key. Pressing the right key while a match is selected
displays its actions. In the actions panel, you can go back when
you press the left key.
Clicking on a match will no activate the default action.
Pressing Ctrl at the same time will show you a list of actions.
A match has more actions available if '>' is displayed on the right.

	* Clear actions TreeView if query changed, too
	* Wrap messages in the info area if they are too long
	* Clear actions TreeView if selection has changed
	* Added version to description of module
	* Fixed: Save and restore OpenDesktopFileAction correctly
	* Set correct icon for ISwitchWindowHandler
	* Fixed small error in handler
	* Fixed bug #464732: Import subprocess before using it. (patch by Colin Watson)
	* Fixed bug #464735: NotImplementedError misspelled (patch by Colin Watson)
	* Fixed bug #464736: "loggin" typo in get_url_host exception handler (patch by Colin Watson)
	* Fixed bug #464739: on_install_handler says module when it meant mod_id (patch by Colin Watson)
	* Fixed bug #464768: pygtk < 2.8.0 compat code refers to obsolete DeskbarAppletButton name (patch by Colin Watson)
	* Fixed couple of bugs in beagle and history handlers. Fixes bug #465212: 'BeagleLiveHandler' object has no	attribute 'set_delay'
	* Fixed bug #388508:", line 32: startswith on None
	* Added action that sends file via e-mail as attachment
	* Adjusted default values in GConf
	* Mark applet icon insensitive when loading/initializing
	* Removed geek options from preferences dialog
	* Fixed: Module order won't be saved if reordered with Drag & Drop
	* Remake of the GUI. History is now in ComboBox. Menu and statusbar is gone. Matches and actions treeview is only visible	if search entry has	been entered.
	* Added button besides combobox to clear history
	* Added mnemonic to focus history combobox
	* Only show either matches treeview or actions treeview
	* Save and restore window position.
	* Moved handlers to modules directory
	* Honor "clear_entry" setting
	* Mark UI sensitive if modules have been loaded	and before they have been initialized
	* Connect to keybinding-activated signal after modules have been loaded
	* Added application name to epiphany, galeon and mozilla handlers
	* If two matches with same hash get merged alter the label
	* Pressing down on last item selects first item. Pressing up on first item selects last item.
	* Categories will be skipped when navigating with up/down keys
	* Added possibility to start Deskbar unininstalled out of the box (patch by Mikkel kamstrup Erlandsen)
	* Set skip-taskbar-hint to True
	* Pressing escape always clears the entry and treeviews	and closes the window
	* Mouse click executes default action. Ctrl+click displays list of actions.

Contributors to this release: Sebastian Pölsterl, Colin Watson, Mikkel kamstrup Erlandsen

Updated Translations:
	* Gujarati
	* Spanish
	* Swedish
	* Tamil
	* Thai

Contributors to the translations: Ankit Patel, Jorge Gonzalez, Daniel Nylander, Tirumurthi Vasudevan,
Theppitak Karoonboonyanan


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