gedit 2.19.3

       Module: gedit
      Version: 2.19.3
  Uploaded by: Paolo Borelli
  md5sum: 1bb63d1cfd18226ae53f5043201eb517
    size: 5.2M
  md5sum: 1bf2da6f0f1738081d84cac4990409cc
    size: 3.5M


gedit 2.19.3

New Features and Fixes
- Remove color settings and syntax highlighting editor from the
  preferences dialog and use a style scheme selector (Paolo Borelli,
  Paolo Maggi)
- Many improvements to the snippets plugin, notably support for importing
  and exporting snippets, support for regex snippets and support for
  activating snippets on drag'n'drop (Jesse van den Kieboom)
- Split DocumentLoader and DocumentSaver in abstract class and
  subclasses for easier maintainance (Steve Frécinaux)
- Add a gconf preference for smart-home-end (Paolo Borelli)
- Fix external tool saving bug (Alexandre Mazari)
- Adapt to latest GtkSourceView API changes
- Misc Bugfixes

New and updated translations
- Ankit Patel (gu)
- Changwoo Ryu (ko)
- Daniel Nylander (sv)
- Danishka Navin (si)
- Funda Wang (zh_CN)
- Ilkka Tuohela (fi)
- Inaki Larranaga Murgoitio (eu)
- Ivar Smolin (et)
- Jorge Gonzalez (es)
- Luca Ferretti (it)
- Máté Å?ry (hu)
- Reinout van Schouwen (nl)
- Takeshi AIHANA (ja)
- Theppitak Karoonboonyanan (th)
- Tirumurthi Vasudevan (ta)


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