gnome-games 2.16.1

       Module: gnome-games
      Version: 2.16.1
  Uploaded by: Andreas R�sdal
  md5sum: f22e30e88f279a007f913f814bcc2b8b
    size: 6.6M
  md5sum: 4377f69dffe1bca3a153936354112ec9
    size: 5.0M


gnome-games 2.16.1

This is the first maintenance release of the stable 2.16  
version of gnome-games.


- Install all icon sizes for the games (#354507).
- Remove compilation warings (#347262).


- Correct a link in Aisleriot's documentation (#356269).


- Implement a workaround to ensure that all buttons in the toolbar
  are redrawn correctly (#353964), due to a bug in gtk+ (#332573).


- Italian: Francesco Marletta
- British English: David Lodge
- Estonian: Priit Laes

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