lsr 0.3.2

       Module: lsr
      Version: 0.3.2
  Uploaded by: Peter Parente
  md5sum: 8a559b45bfae02607202e2ffec939507
    size: 456K
  md5sum: 081cc8b11880d0893196b78d382257c0
    size: 336K



The purpose of this release is to make the change of license on the LSR code 
base from the Common Public License to the New Berkeley Software Distribution 
License (BSD) official and public. The BSD license is GPL-compatible but has
no copyleft restriction. Overall, this change helps LSR better fit into the
GNOME ecosystem.

Some of the features planned for 0.4.0 are present in this release. A full
record of those features will appear in the announcement for that version and
are available in the ChangeLog in the meantime.


* ar (Djihed Afifi)


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