gtranslator 1.1.7

       Module: gtranslator
      Version: 1.1.7
  Uploaded by: Ross Golder
  md5sum: 6360bc233c7a1425a296d6f10071a1a1
    size: 1.1M
  md5sum: 47531195b74b22a6284dad609377cbb0
    size: 720K


Version 1.1.7

 * Fix for crash during copy'n'paste (Daffyd Harries and Loic Minier) (#379112)
 * Fix to apply custom font (patch from Sunil Mohan #146036).
 * Improve detection (and fallback) when parsing 'charset=' tag from 
   'Content-Type' header (#329405).
 * New Norwegian/Bokmaal translation (Tor Harald).
 * Added Urdu language to languages list (for Simos Xenitellis #346758).
 * Added Kurdish language to languages list (for Erdal Ronagi #320001).
 * Added Mongolian language to languages list (for Sanlig Badral #149773).

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