planner 0.14.2

       Module: planner
      Version: 0.14.2
  Uploaded by: Kurt Maute
  md5sum: 69584f364d42537101011f1197c6d22c
    size: 4.1M
  md5sum: d03081c6562a94b64628689500f55195
    size: 3.5M


Planner 0.14.2

New features and fixes
* fix bug #353232 - patch to raise majic priority, fixing nautilus behavior when clicking on a planner file
* fix bug #368186 - patch to paint guide lines behind project start date rather than on top - contributed by Arthur Petitpierre
* added -Wno-return-type for compile with database enabled
* patch related to bug #353213 - added #ifdefs to allow compile with libgda 1 or 2, up to libgda-1.9.102
* Added Arabic - contributed by Djihed Afifi
* fix for bug 358415 crash in gantt view, contributed by Arthur Petitpierre and mdpoole trolius org.


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