gdm 2.16.3

       Module: gdm
      Version: 2.16.3
  Uploaded by: Brian Cameron
  md5sum: f5b10a9a8aa68721266de5849674899b
    size: 4.7M
  md5sum: 8d9590647054ee62c8737973c1c7bca3
    size: 3.1M


2.16.3 Stuff:

- Now support altfile[n] propery to cater for alternative 
  image file definition.

- Fix custom lists so that focus does not ever leave the 
  username/password entry field.

- Update to make casting more clear in PAM logic.  This fixes a 
  bug where the Kerberos PAM module was sending multiple error
  messages and GDM was not processing them properly.
  (Brian Cameron)

- Add X_EXTRA_LIBS and X_LIBS to utils/Makefile when building 
  gdm-dmx-reconnect-proxy to fix bug #368808.

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