orca 2.17.2

       Module: orca
      Version: 2.17.2
  Uploaded by: William Walker

  md5sum: 5e17fb3668582f3d29c9348ccca81a8c
    size: 1.2M

  md5sum: da4b0cc5b6810fe3d7fbf64e373015db
    size: 752K


2.17.2 - 05-Nov-2006

* Updates to requirements and specifications documents.

* Fair amount of work on Gecko.py script, though it is not at all ready 
  for compelling access to Firefox (and hence the web) yet.  Also did 
  a fair amount of work looking at flat review and filing a number of
  bugs against the AT-SPI implementation in progress in Firefox 3.

* Fix for bug 369292: gcalctool now speaks the new result when
  the "=" button is activated.

* Fix for bug 337063: Orca now supports an alternate .orca location via
  the -u and --user-prefs-dir command line options.
* Fix for bug 365939: reading of message list in Evolution now provides
  more concise information for check box items.

* For for bug 353422: Mapped vte application to gnome-terminal script and
  also fixed the "backspace" problem in gnome-terminal.

* Workaround for bug 368626: prevent gnome-panel from crashing and add
  some defensive code to work in the case where there is no event
  source in an at-spi event.

* Fix for bug 338838: Orca now speaks "newline" only when moving by 
  character or word.

* Fix for bug 358467: Orca now reads check items status 
  in "Users and groups" dialog of users-admin application. 

* Fix for bug 355733: SayAll function now works better for OpenOffice.

* Fix for bug 364086: Orca no longer reports "paragraph 0 paragraph"
  when you begin typing in a OpenOffice Calc cell.
* Fix for bug 363801: Orca provides confirmation when dynamic row and/or
  column headers are set.  In addition, column numbers in OpenOffice
  Calc are now spoken as column letters.

* Fix for bug 363807: Orca now reports the number of items in a table.

* Fix for bug 321184: Orca now supports a custom pronunciation dictionary.

* Fix for bug 363802: Orca no longer says "cell" when navigating from
  cell to cell in OpenOffice Calc.

* Fix for bug 363796: Second press of a letter in learn mode now provides
  the phonetic ("military") spelling of the letter.

* Fix for bug 355525: Orca handled EMBEDDED_OBJECT_CHARACTERs in text

* Fix for bug 357063: If there are a bunch of repeated characters
  (like the greater thans) on a line that also has text, Orca respects the
  punctuation settings in Orca.  But, if the repeated characters are on
  a line by themselves (i.e.  30 greater thans, nothing else), Orca
  indicates their presence ("30 greater than characters") regardless
  of the level of punctuation.

* Fix for bug 344249: Orca reports menu mnemonics as part of the
  "Where am I" functionality.

* Fix for bug 348975: the state for radio buttons is now spoken prior
  to the role.
* Fix for bug 363423: Orca now speaks the "Applications" menu if it is
  brought up while the focus is in a GAIM chat window.

* Fix for bug 349956: Orca no longer causes the gedit Print Dialog to slow

* Fix for bug 361624: Flat review no longer fails to move to second
  column of text in OOo Writer documents.

* Fix for bug 357829: Use real active descendant of a table cell when
  looking for locus of focus in flat review.
* Fix for bug 341406: Orca now presents results when finding files.

* Fix for bug 319783: Orca now speaks/brailles the insensitive states
  of objects if they are insensitive.

* Fix for bug 338111: Use new BrlAPI Python bindings if they exist. 

* Fix for bug 348693: Announcement of new mail in Evolution is now
  toggleable via Insert-m.

* Fix for bug 361670: flat review no longer fails after minimizing the 
  Orca main window.

* Fix for bug 355893: Network Preferences "Port" label is now reported
  by Orca.

* New and updated translations (THANKS!):

    et      Estonian             Ivar Smolin and Priit Laes
    nb      Norwegian Bokmål     Kjartan Maraas
    sv	    Swedish		 Daniel Nylander


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