evolution-exchange 2.7.2

       Module: evolution-exchange
      Version: 2.7.2
  Uploaded by: Harish Krishnaswamy

  md5sum: 865cc31fd69d93f450a955cc74a3ea93
    size: 1.5M

  md5sum: a9081da7513ff1438821e8e739462cb6
    size: 1000K


Evolution Exchange 2.7.2  2006-05-15

Bugzilla bugs fixed (see http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi)

	#325957 - Needs to #define LDAP_DEPRECATED when compiling against 
	openldap 2.3.x (Sushma)

	#322897 - Evolution hanged when disabled 'Exchange account' 
	(Jeffrey Stedfast).

	#268412 - public mail folder subfolders not displayed on favourites 

	#339277 - 'Public Folder' is displayed under favourites when check box
	beside it is checked (Sushma)

	#330265 - Exchange contacts not overwting the addresses (vandana)

	#334035 - There is a bad url in the ximian-connector-setup-2.4 program

	#339827 - evolution-exchange-storage crashes on startup (Chenthill)

	#339561 - Modify all instances does not modify as expected (Chenthill)

	#341229 - Modify date of a appointment/meeting does not delete event 
	in old date (Chenthill)

Other Fixes:

	- Adding a NULL check to prevent a crash, see bug #335629 
	(Patrick Ohly)

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