evolution 2.7.2

       Module: evolution
      Version: 2.7.2
  Uploaded by: Harish Krishnaswamy

  md5sum: 920174cb7d71ce76c1093f6c4a38e17b
    size: 17M

  md5sum: 361b5002e5660fcc303ae174c83fecf3
    size: 12M


2006-05-09  Kjartan Maraas  <kmaraas gnome org>

	* configure.in: Patch from Brian Pepple to achieve
	GNOME Goal for po/LINGUAS. Closes bug #337965.
	* po/LINGUAS: New file.

2006-05-02  Kjartan Maraas  <kmaraas gnome org>

	configure.in: Fix compilation with modern openldap releases.
	Partially fixes bug #325957. Patch from Sushuma Rai.

2006-04-28  Sven Herzberg  <herzi gnome-de org>

	reviewed by: Srinivasa Ragavan

	* shell/apps_evolution_shell.schemas.in.in: added boolean key for the
	maximized state of the window
	* shell/e-shell-window.c: added window state saving and updated window
	size saving to work as expected (fixes bug 243962)

2006-04-27  Tor Lillqvist  <tml novell com>

	* win32/libemiscwidgets.def: Add e_expander_get_type which now is
	needed when linking libevolution-widgets-a11y.

2006-04-25  Jeffrey Stedfast  <fejj novell com>

	* configure.in: Figure out auto-magically what the mozilla-nss
	pkg-config module name is.

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