at-spi 1.7.14

       Module: at-spi
      Version: 1.7.14
  Uploaded by: Glynn Foster
  md5sum: f61a595c57a05b92a78785901c877d37
    size: 1.1M
  md5sum: 53d47e49cd8116c39225d97c3b18e00c
    size: 764K


What's new in at-spi-1.7.14:

* We now get te value of display using the env var DISPLAY rather than
  using the gdk_display_get_default to avoid dependancy of gdk. Also, 
  once the registry is started, we set the ior of the registry as 
  an X property.

* Bugfixes: #361386, #369377, #382271, #372172, #163132, #377079, #352444

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