gnome-power-manager 2.17.4

       Module: gnome-power-manager
      Version: 2.17.4
  Uploaded by: Richard Hughes
  md5sum: 60faf33b90a8be83b508cd93d2354437
    size: 2.4M
  md5sum: 08882103f790b1dd66a0c57e3e04665d
    size: 1.7M


Version 2.17.4

Released December 18, 2006


 - Fix lots of typos in the yelp file. #380920, #381928, #381930.
   (Jorge Gonzalez)
 - Add so we can automatically get the
   distro version and stuff from HAL using the fantastic new

Power Preferences

 - Remove the auto-sleep type from the UI.
 - Revert the glade file design to be similar to the 2.16 layout.
   This means we have On Ac Power and On Battery Power rather than
   the actions tabs. The change wasn't popular.
 - Various grammar changes as suggested by Tino Meinen.

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