beagle 0.2.14

       Module: beagle
      Version: 0.2.14
  Uploaded by: Joe Shaw
  md5sum: cc1632ef204fc682a733d82fbcb7a1f4
    size: 2.0M
  md5sum: c3eeccdafc030a7d283bf85b75f5c0bb
    size: 1.5M


Version 0.2.14
14 December 2006

* Added the infrastructure necessary to handle indexing of archive
  files.  (Debajyoti Bera, Daniel Drake)
* Fix many issues with dates because .NET 1.1 was interpreting the
  dates as local time, not UTC.  (Bera)
* Indexables are no longer marked as indexed until all of its children
  are indexed first.  (Bera)
* Add infrastructure to signal clients when we're doing the initial
  index.  (Joe Shaw)
* Changes to how child indexables are dealt with in the index.  (Bera)
* Work around a bug in Mono 1.2.1, so that Beagle doesn't incorrectly
  think your home directory is on a remote filesystem like NFS.  (Joe)
* Use the XDG autostart specification to autostart the daemon, and
  deprecate the old --autostarted flag.  (Joe)
* Fix a URI comparison problem that would cause files to be repeatedly
  reindexed.  (Bera)
* Fix a bug in the tokenizer so that "001234" is tokenized as "1234".
* Tokenize longer numbers, like international phone numbers.  (Bera)
* After we store child indexable streams in the helper, close them
  rather than letting the GC do it for us.  (Joe)
* Don't set the "source" on indexables if they are already set.  This
  allows indexing service clients to set their own "source" names.
* Added a handler for SIGUSR2 to the helper process, which will print
  out what file it is currently filtering.  Should help debugging 100%
  CPU issues greatly.  (Joe)
* Greatly improve logging in the daemon and helper.  (Joe)

* Support child indexables in the file system backend.  (Bera)
* Report progress percentages in the Evolution mail backend.  (Joe)

* Added a new archive filter, to handle zip, tar, gzip and bzip2
  archives.  (Joe, Veerapuram Varadhan, Bera)
* Limit the archive filter to only index 30 files inside archives for
  now, to avoid excessive disk usage.  (Joe)
* Added Scribus filter.  (Alexander Macdonald)
* Fix a crash and clean up the code in the SVG filter.  (Alexander)
* Fix a potential crash in the HTML filter.  (Bera)
* Use the current encoding when decoding URLs in the HTML filter.
* Add text/troff to the list of supported MIME types in the man page
  filter.  (Joe)
* Turn on snippeting in the man page filter.  (Joe)

* Fix a logic bug in libbeagle that would cause responses to get lost
  if different complex messages were sent to the daemon.  (Joe)
* Print out the response in libbeagle apps if ENABLE_XML_DUMP is
  defined.  (Joe)
* Set the correct time zone info in BeagleTimestamp.  (Bera)
* Add example code for using the indexing service APIs.  (Bera)

* Only show the timestamp in beagle-extract-content if it's valid.
* Fix a problem in which child indexables from archives weren't being
  cleaned up in beagle-extract-content.  (Bera)
* Only show the number of total hits if we're in verbose mode with
  beagle-query, so that scripts can still easily deal only with URIs.
* Add support to beagle-settings to handle autostarting the daemon and
  UI with the XDG autostart spec.  (Joe)
* Show the percentages of progress in beagle-index-info for the
  backends that support it.  (Joe)
* Remove dead webservices code from beagle-settings tool.  (Joe)
* Fix a problem in which passing in --disable-directories to
  beagle-crawl-system would override --disable-filtering.  (Joe, 
  Pat Double)

* Show an informational box when the daemon is in the process of
  indexing the user's data.  (Lukas Lipka, Joe)
* New tile to show files inside archives.  (Joe)
* Added a status bar, and display in it the total number of matching
  documents and the number that are currently displayed.  (Joe)
* Fix some rendering ugliness in the details pane if you resized it.
* Add support for xdg-open if present.  (Joe)
* Fix the build so that Thunderbird was correctly opened from tiles.
  (Kevin Kubasik)
* Fix a crash in the image tile if the file didn't have an extension.
* Fix web tiles opening the handler for the MIME type, rather than the
  handler for the URL.  (Kevin, Joe)
* Fix a crash on right-click when the "Open With..." menu would have
  been blank.  (Joe)
* Use the XDG autostart spec to autostart beagle-search, and deprecate
  the old --autostarted method.  (Joe)
* Fix a potential crash in the image tile in the unlikely event that
  we'd attempt to composite the F-Spot logo on top of a standard MIME
  icon.  (Joe)
* Don't scale up RSS feed icons.  Liferea stores icons mostly at 16x16
  or 32x32, and those look terrible.  (Joe)

Memory optimizations:
* Fix a big leak in which we were leaking Lucene IndexReader
  instances.  This substantially reduces memory usage.  (Joe)
* Plug a leak in which QueryWorker instances were never removed from a
  static hash table.  (Joe)
* Don't store full Hit objects in the QueryWorker's URI hash table,
  since they're never used and hold references on a lot of objects.
* Fix a leak of URIs in LuceneFileQueryable, which is the base class
  for most of the smaller backends.  (Joe)
* Fix a leak in which the list of all the Evolution accounts were
  stored for each folder.  (Joe)
* Avoid some unnecessary boxing in Lucene, reducing memory usage.
* For all our non-tokenized fields, turn off storing norms in the
  Lucene index.  This will save disk and memory usage for those
  fields.  (Joe)
* Make the code in the IndexerRequest class a little better about
  object allocations.  (Joe)
* Fix an issue where characters were boxed every time we processed a
  URI.  This heavily reduces memory allocations.  (Joe)
* Use UTC when calculating load averages, to avoid uncessary
  allocations related to timezones.  (Joe)
* If --heap-buddy or --heap-shot are passed to the daemon, assume
  --debug-memory.  (Joe)
* If running with --heap-shot and the RSS increases by more than 5% or
  5 megs, or the Mono heap size increases by more than 10%,
  automatically send SIGPROF to the daemon to generate a memory
  snapshot.  (Joe)

* Updated Arabic translation.  (Djihed Afifi)
* Updated Catalan translation.  (Jordi Mas)
* Updated Czech translation.  (Jakub Friedl)
* Updated Galician translation.  (Ignacio Casal Quinteiro)
* Updated German translation.  (Hendrik Brandt)
* Updated Hungarian translation.  (Gabor Kelemen)
* Updated Japanese translation.  (Takeshi Aihana)
* Updated Norwegian bokmål translation.  (Kjartan Maraas)
* Updated Spanish translation. (Francisco Javier F. Serrador)
* Updated Swedish translation. (Daniel Nylander)

Everything else:
* Sync our xdgmime with upstream.  (Bera)
* Only check for wv1 if we have gsf-sharp.  We need both for MS Word
  filtering.  (Joe, Bera)
* Only build the po directory if we're building the GUI.  (Joe)
* Update the build system to use gnome-common's if
  it's available.  If not, use our own included copy.  (Joe)
* Require automake 1.8 to build.  (Joe, Pat, Max Weihle)
* Build against Mono's included SharpZipLib 0.84, instead of the older
  0.60 version.  (Joe)
* Fix an issue with the cron scripts not being included in the
  tarball.  (Joe)
* Only check for gtk-doc if libbeagle is enabled.  (Joe)


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