gtksourceview 1.8.2

       Module: gtksourceview
      Version: 1.8.2
  Uploaded by: Paolo Maggi
  md5sum: 8ca5a5f9120487bea25c80a71a48bbf8
    size: 1.3M
  md5sum: d4f71965b20eacc2fcd93cc8cf1d9d73
    size: 764K


News in 1.8.2

* Fixed bug #360495 â?? Errors in Java/Verilog syntax files (Jeff Walden)
* Fixed bug #380996 â?? language.dtd needs more comments (Leonardo Ferreira 
  Fontenelle and Paolo Maggi)
* Added a RNG schema for the .lang file format (Paolo Maggi)
* Fixes bug #375515 â?? allow fullstop in xml tag highlighting (Carey O'Shea)
* Updated translations

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