intltool 0.35.1

       Module: intltool
      Version: 0.35.1
  Uploaded by: Rodney Dawes
  md5sum: c16e8d3fe5d7b2cd565b4e6faff06042
    size: 172K
  md5sum: bb79d9f4210a8dbd7271013f4c517790
    size: 136K


Version 0.35.1

* Make regex patterns greedier, to avoid perl stack overflows
  -- bug #353403 (Joerg Sonnenberger)
* Add code to detect DATADIRNAME
  -- bug #345255 (Loïc Minier)
* Support older/non-GNU versions of diff when validating tests
  -- bug #345114 (Tim Mooney, Rodney Dawes)
* Add new mode to support quoted text in any file (Chris Lahey, Rodney Dawes)
* Fix the warning message for missing IT_PROG_INTLTOOL and error out
  -- bug #341985 (Rodney Dawes)

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